Web and Graphic Designer

about the guy.

A graduate from the Digital Media and IT program at NAIT, Miguel is a graphic and web designer based in Edmonton, Alberta who's passion is developing simple and responsive web interfaces. Inspired by contemporary and modern web graphics, Miguel strives to provide smooth designs while usability counts as a high priority. If you'd like to see his résumé, click here!

A little more about himself, he likes food, listening to good music, buying vinyls, clothes, blogging, practicing his photography skills and posting photos to instagram. Being a Canadian, his favorite dish is Poutine, and if you really would like to work with him, you need to buy him one first...I'm totally kidding, please don’t do that. He specializes in...

  • html_css /
  • javacsript_jquery /
  • php_mysql /
  • illustrator_photoshop /
  • search-engine-optimization /
  • search-engine-marketing /
  • wordpress_opentext /
  • responsive-design